OK, so. The Washington Times doesn’t seem too happy about the US military slowly becoming more tolerant towards gays. The title of their article is “Military indoctrinated on gays kissing, behavior“. Either they are not trying to hide their bias, or are very bad at doing it.

But what was really amazing was the vitriol in the comments section. (Apparently, openly gay soldiers will try to have sex with everyone in the unit they can.)

I would like to ask those people to go find out about a military that has allowed gays for a while, and see how big of a “problem” it is. Let’s say, the Israel Defense Forces, as a lot of those people likely think Israel is the best invention since sliced bread.

Source: Military indoctrinated on gays kissing, behavior

5 thoughts on “Gays in the military

  1. @Mascot: Well, I was a little pissed at how hateful some people were. Had to express it.

    @BDK: Well, you know what they say about low-hanging fruit and all that.

  2. The greatest thing since sliced Chala. Gays are already in the military. One of them drugged and tried to rape a friend of mine. If it were legal maybe he would have found someone to have legit butt sex with. Maybe we should stop focusing on gays in the military and be pro sodomy instead. I know longer know what Im talking about.

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